Red River Revenge

The Raiders (The Founders Book 3)


Dateline: AN LOI (Dateline: Vietnam Book 2)

The Ranchers (The Founders Book 2)

The Power and the Pride (The Power Brokers Book 2)

Flower Children (The American Chronicles Book 9)

Dateline: PHU LOI (Dateline: Vietnam Book 1)

Lost Lady of Laramie (The Founders Book 1)

Texas Proud (The Power Brokers Book 1)

Diablo Double Cross (Quinn’s Raiders Book 1)

The Quick and the Dead

The New Frontier (The American Chronicles Book 8)

The Broken Covenant (When Honor Dies Series Book 3)

Cold War (The American Chronicles Book 7)

Blood Oath (When Honor Dies Series Book 2)

The Chaney Edge (Chaney Brothers Western Book 2)

When Honor Dies (When Honor Dies Series Book 1)

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