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  • redriver
    Red River Revenge
      The Name is Remington…and he’s the best there is. In an untamed territory that grinds most lawmen down to blood and bone, it takes a special breed to make...
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  • The Raiders
    The Raiders (The Founders Book 3)
    A daredevil Confederate captain challenges the Union blockade – while a bold young beauty lays siege to his wayward heart. Tawny-haired, golden-eyed Candice Pratt, whose daring was equal to the...
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  • Survival
    A chilling story of the shocking and terrifying ordeal of the Donner party describes the desperate struggle for survival of a wagon train of courageous pioneers, who became trapped by...
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From the Blog

  • Fremad
    My publisher, Wolfpack, has just released my newest novel; LONG ROAD TO ABILENE.  Although it is, ultimately a Western novel, early in the book Cade McCall, the protagonist of the story,...
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  • Serenade To The Big Bird: On Writing About WWII
    Serenade To The Big Bird: On Writing About WWII
    Many of you may think of me as a writer of Westerns. But I’ve also written some books about World War II, in particular, my War Torn Series, now re-released...
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  • Misadventure In Saigon
    Misadventure In Saigon
    My last assignment in Vietnam was as Chief of the 110th Open Storage Depot at Tan San Nhut. Thin . . . though as Warrants couldn’t “command” my official title...
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